Source code for rudra.utils.helper

"""Utility helper functions."""

from rudra.utils.validation import check_url_alive
from urllib.parse import urljoin
from rudra import logger
from sys import argv
from json import loads


[docs]def get_github_repo_info(repo_url): """Get the github repository information.""""Received repository for the information", extra={'github_url': repo_url}) if repo_url.endswith('.git'): repo_url = repo_url[:-len('.git')] user, repo = repo_url.split('/')[-2:] user = user.split(':')[-1] return user, repo
[docs]def load_hyper_params(): """Load the hyper parameter from the command line args.""" if len(argv) > 1: input_data = argv[1:] try: if input_data: return loads(input_data[0]) except Exception: logger.error("Unable to decode the hyper params")
[docs]def get_training_file_url(user, repo, branch='master', training_file_path='training/'): """Get the training file from the github repo.""" if not user and not repo: logger.error("Please provide the github user and repo", extra={"user": user, "repo": repo}) raise ValueError("Please provide the github user:{} and repo:{}" .format(user, repo)) file_url = urljoin(GITHUB_CONTENT_BASEURL, '/'.join((user, repo, branch, training_file_path))) if not check_url_alive(file_url): logger.error("unable to reach the github training file path", extra={'github_url': file_url}) raise ValueError("Could not able to fetch training file") return file_url
[docs]class CacheDict: """CacheDict implementation with max size limit.""" def __init__(self, max_len=1024): """Initialize the CacheDict object.""" = dict() self.max_len = max_len def __setitem__(self, k, v): """Set the item value for the given key.""" if k not in and len( >= self.max_len:[k] = v def __getitem__(self, k): """Get the item value for given key.""" return[k] def __iter__(self): """Iterate over the item.""" return iter( def __delitem__(self, k): """Delete key-value from the item.""" del[k] def __len__(self): """Get the len of the item.""" return len( def __repr__(self): """Get the string representation of the CacheDict object.""" return